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August 22, 2014
The first week has been very hectic!

So this has been my very first week in the office starting my apprenticeship, and it turns out Ofsted are also here inspecting the business—I picked the best start date ever!

To be truthful, it’s not been bad at all. Everyone has kept their cool and there have been plenty of jokes thrown around here and there but on the flip side a huge amount of paperwork for me to deal with, surprisingly no paper cuts so far!

A pleasant surprise from my mentor this morning, informing me that because it’s the summer holidays, Fridays are early finish! Roll on the weekend and the activities that it has to bring!

A picture from the first day. Also the introduction to some of my very normal colleagues!


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August 18, 2014
So what do I think of apprenticeships?

Personally I believe they are the open doors to any career because you get the qualification whilst applying the theory behind the practice whereas at university many people will sit and listen in lectures or read theory from a book and be unable to apply this in a real situation. For me this was the selling point of an apprenticeship.

Interview time! This was by far the scariest part. I had only been to one real interview before this, which was very informal so I was fairly nervous to say the least. The interview itself was very formal, I made sure I had researched the company that I was applying for and made notes of questions to ask. Another point worth mentioning is stating my interests in not only the job role but the apprenticeship scheme also. So nearer the end of the interview I made sure I handed my employer my CV, this means they can have a further look at my qualifications and current experience to date.

The night before my first day as an apprentice was very normal for me. I made sure that my clothes were ready and that I had a really nice dinner. Although I was very nervous about starting a new job, I was really excited at the same time, surprisingly this led to a very good nights sleep which was much needed!

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