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September 29, 2014
What next?

The moment I finish one task, there is normally another to start working on. However today I came across what I'm sure is a very rare moment in the office - there is no paperwork to be entered on the database, no piles of shredding for me to shred, and no folders or files to make up. II think I have over-performed and completed the work too fast, so I decided to sit here and write this!

Its also nearly time for me to start my actual apprenticeship work, the Level 3 QCF (NVQ) in Business Administration. II'm sure after my meeting tomorrow with Louise, my Training Coordinator, I will never be short of work but on the other hand I feel excited to actually be able to start; this is because I can actually apply the work that I do on a day-to-day basis to the units I chose to complete for the QCF.

A plus side to working for the training provider is that I can see my own progression through the qualification because I am logging my personal progress on the database. This will benefit me hugely because I will be able to figure the best amount of time to put into my qualification each week, or over the 5 working days. I also will know when I'm going to get told off if I start to fall behind!


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September 19, 2014
The moment they answer the phone…


The dreaded time had come. I was asked to call up clients and confirm details in order to send out post. Getting past the pronunciation of names was the easiest part, making sure I didn't 'choke' was the struggle!

As I was ringing the first client I'm sure everyone in the office heard my sigh of relief when the answer phone picked up, and again for the second! However the third call was different, they answered. After leaving the task for a couple of days due to its priority I had been secretly rehearsing what I would say when they picked up the phone, and to my success it worked. On completion of the first phone call, Dan, who set me the task, came over and said “that was excellent”.

For me this experience was really rewarding because it had been the first time for me to do this and in actual fact the harder part was trying to write the email to those who didn't answer because they are used to talking to other members of the business rather than the new admin apprentice!

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September 16, 2014
Starting my qualification

So last week I was working without my manager, this meant I had to prioritise my work throughout the week, part of this being my own business administration qualification. I personally believe I have made a good start, completing all my work set by my Training Coordinator, Louise, within a week of it being set!

Although this may seem good, working for the apprenticeship provider, there will never be a shortage of work for me so I'm sure when Louise pops in during the week, I will be set some more work to get on with.

The good side of being set extra work in-between meetings with Louise is that I'm able to spend more time away from the desk reflecting on my daily actions and activities, working out the fastest way possible to finish all the boring paperwork and continue the more entertaining jobs!


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September 12, 2014
Let loose without the manager

This week my line manager, Caz, was on annual leave. Somehow I've managed to survive the whole week and complete all of the work set to me, this included some other 'small favours' for people around the office. Just to note, these 'small favours' should be re-named small-large favours!

The least I can say is that it's been an experience for a week without my manager in the office, for all she knows I could have thrown a huge party, and not worked through all the paperwork to be put on the database, though the Director wouldn't agree I'm sure.

On the bright side, Caz will be back on Monday and I've managed to clear my desk to the point of almost paper free. I'm sure when I arrive on Monday there will be a huge pile for me to organise though!

Monday update...
Turns out there isn't a large pile of paperwork on my desk and I'm writing this post on a paper free desk and all the paperwork has been put onto the database and into the filing cabinets. Successful day today I think!


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September 11, 2014
The whirring of the shredder

However boring it may sound, sitting by the shredder for an hour at a time, removing staples and shredding paper isn't as boring as it seems. This may be because it allows me to secretly plan what I'm going to do when I get home from work, or what to have for lunch the next day, oh and I can’t forget, it relives me of the phone sometimes which is always a plus!

So it’s been nearly a week since I started writing this post, and I'm still here with the shredder trying to cope with the overheating every 30 minutes, and this will prove a struggle when trying to clear significantly large amounts of paper in the office.
Some points of shredding are also enjoyable for example after a long day of sorting paper and filing, being able to destroy some of the paper is very therapeutic!


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September 1, 2014
Bank holiday weekend

Air show madness has arrived. Me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends decided to go to one of our local air shows and what an experience we had. We managed to see the last two airworthy Lancaster Bomber planes from the second world war, the world famous Red Arrows and their two 1/4 scale remote control models, the last airworthy Vulcan and many more amazing planes, jets, helicopters and displays.

Bank Holiday Monday has finally arrived which made me ‘all smiles’ until it was 10:00am and I was walking my dog in the typical English weather—rain and a large amount of it at that. Though I can’t complain, a day off work on my second week!

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