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October 27, 2014
My apprenticeship experience so far

I'm really enjoying the apprenticeship at the moment and personally feel like a valued member of the team here at N&B Training which is good motivation to work harder! I feel as though my skills have improved significantly since starting the apprenticeship and I am very comfortable doing the job that I have to do as a Business Admin apprentice, such as answering the phone and the hefty amount of paperwork!

I started as an apprentice with N&B Training halfway through August, Monday the 18th to be precise, and here I am writing this blog post, nearly 3 months into my apprenticeship and personally, I've never felt happier. The team I get to work with here in the office is a wonderful, lively group that are serious when it comes to the job roles but very willing to have a laugh.

So with my experience so far, would I recommend an apprenticeship? Within a heartbeat. This is because through my personal belief of experience being more of a selling point than some qualifications, plus, we can't forget that with the experience and the qualification, you are still earning money!

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October 16, 2014
The self-inflicted ‘man flu’


I found out last weekend that staying up a little later than usual on a Sunday night to play ice hockey doesn't work well with (what is known in the office and most of England) 'man flu'.

The Monday morning was, well, a struggle to say the least. It felt like I needed a crane to get out of bed in the morning. However it was a fairly normal morning getting ready and eating breakfast but once I arrived at work, I had no clue that my body would go into full-swing man flu—we are talking the works; headache, blocked nose and sore throat, all topped off with a lovely chesty cough!

On the other hand, it was well worth the unwell feeling in the morning as it has been a fair few weeks since I was last on the ice playing hockey!

Next week update
Still suffering from 'man flu'. I am unsure of how long this will persist... It seems the medicine I have been taking is doing absolutely nothing! But on the bright side, the throat sweets are working a treat and I got brownie points for coming into work when I'm ill!

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October 6, 2014
Using up annual leave

The moment has come, my first few days of annual leave... and I'm spending it cleaning at home to make sure my mum arrives back from her holiday to a clean house!

I didn't expect to use my first ever days of annual leave on cleaning, but who can complain, I'm still at home and I'm sure I will spend some time with my beloved computer!

It also gives me time to get out of the house for a little and play some ice-hockey, my favourite sport, which isn't very simple to just organise the night before!


As for the cleaning situation, we all know in order for something to be cleaned there must be a mess, right? Well with a pet dog, cat and 3 brothers, it’s very unlikely we will get through a single day without a mess being made!

So, as we all know, on return from annual leave, there will be a large amount of catching up for me to do. Well I've not even left work yet and I have a fairly large stack of files ready to be made up! I'm hoping this weekend doesn't fly by!

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