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November 20, 2014
The Christmas conversation

It’s mid November and the conversation of Christmas has come up multiple times! Normally this is due to the confusion with the Christmas party date and what’s actually happening! It is funny how organised we are when it comes to work but when we try to organise a party, everything changes!

The conversation of favourite parts of the Christmas dinner was brought up and I couldn't help but to tell my story which happens EVERY Christmas day. It starts with my love for food and my bad habit of snacking between meals, so as the food is rolling out onto the table, I sneakily pick at the food like my favourite pigs in blankets! I try to do this before my Nan arrives every year because I know that she will carry cutlery whenever I enter the dining room, ready to slap my hand to stop me picking at the dinner. As usual this year, I will ensure tradition is kept and I snack on the food!

In terms of Christmas shopping, I know the best time for this – lunchtime. It is very practical having an office based right next to the town centre, this means I don't have to deal with the Christmas rush after the November payday to get all the presents!

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November 14, 2014
Two fireworks nights in a row

In order to retain sanity here on my blog, I feel as though non-work related posts would do some good. So last weekend, me and my girlfriend were both on annual leave on the Friday, so a trip to Portsmouth was planned and we got some Christmas shopping done. To our surprise we were informed by the very useful hotel staff that the Portsmouth firework display was taking place that evening, so we thought why not go along and watch, along with the other few thousand people (0r what it looked like!). The fireworks were brilliant, at least 20 minutes of constant bang and fizzles with a wide array of colours, we were very impressed!


Following on from the Portsmouth fireworks, we headed back home for the Cranleigh Bonfire. This is a typical thing for us each year because my girlfriend conveniently lives really close to this and hosts a small bash at her parents’ house where friends and family come to have soup and hot-dogs. The Cranleigh bonfire was slightly smaller than usual this year, this possibly being put down to the firefighters well-timed strike but as usual, the fireworks are the highlight of the night. The firework display seemed to start off a little slowly, however it was a very satisfying finale with a huge amount of fireworks being set of. This made up for the smaller bonfire!

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November 4, 2014
The busiest day so far

This could be my last blog post for a while...
All staff will be in the office this coming Thursday, including all of the Training Coordinators here at N&B Training. To put it simply, there are six seats on the 'hot desks' for TCs and we have nine assessors at the moment. Just to add to this, they love their paperwork, more than me in fact! This means the printer will be thoroughly tested!

If you compare this to a usual busy day at N&B, there would be around three TCs, however alongside all TCs being at the office, all the usual office staff will be in making the stationary a free-for-all!

Thursday Update
15 more minutes until the end of the day - the printer is still intact due to the low stock of paper. However the TCs love a little chit-chat so I am slightly unsure of how long this will ring in my ear for, hopefully not too long!

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