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December 22, 2014
The Christmas cold

Akin to one of my previous posts, I have contracted what seems to be the Christmas time cold. However there is a much weaker possibility of it containing strands of 'man flu'. Unlike last time though, I don't seem to be the only person suffering. There are also a couple of other people needing tissues that have been soaked in the very popular remedy Olbas Oil, so the office smells nice and fresh this week. This is very different to last week where we had a burning smell from a certain person who decided to put a potato in the microwave for 30 minutes! (Not me!)

In the last blog post, I said I may have a little surprise for my new colleagues here at N&B.. and it worked! I bought a very large box of nice chocolates for everyone as a Christmas present and a thank you for helping me settle into my role so quickly which was very well received.


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December 2, 2014
Office Christmas party!

We have a venue and date for the Christmas party! Waahoo! It is going to be a brilliant meal out with all my new colleagues and quite frankly, I am really looking forward to it!

The hardest part about this is that I have to decide what I want to eat before midnight on Saturday. Now as some of you may have gathered, I love my food so choosing from a list is not my strong point. However with the venue being known for their steak, I may be tempted to get a steak! The downside of this is that it’s nearing Christmas day and I have yet to find presents, let alone pay for them!

As some of you may know, you can't have a Christmas party without secret Santa can you, and for me secret Santa has been a struggle, possibly because I have only been working here for just over 3 months. I may have a little surprise for everyone in the office just to say thank you for being so welcoming and helping me settle into my role so quickly.

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