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January 27, 2015
The birthday surprise!


This post is brought to you by the brilliant planning and sneaky surprise skills of my mentor and manager, Caz. After the chilly walk into work this morning with some cake for my colleagues, I had finally arrived at the warm comfy office. The usual routine - I went in the elevator to the top floor, put in the door code and there it was, my desk had been re-decorated. It was quite a surprise and I did not expect any of it. I had balloons with 21 printed on, a happy 21st birthday banner, and happy birthday ‘shiny's’ thrown across my desk, though these will be a pain tomorrow clearing them all up!

On another note, I want to say a huge thank-you to all the staff at N&B for my birthday present and making my birthday one to remember!

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January 21, 2015
21 years young and halfway through my apprenticeship

My 21st birthday is approaching and I'm not as excited as I expected myself to be. This could be because I'm more excited about the takeaway dinner on my birthday than actually turning 21! So what’s the big deal about turning 21?  Because I'm not so sure myself, I asked Google this question and found some surprising results. Living in the UK I can understand why some people question the 'awesomeness' of turning 21 due to the current legal age to vote being 18. It was previously 21 which is one of the only reasons people may have been excited. It seems to be more of an important event in America due to the legal age to buy alcohol being 21. I also found that 21 is the age you are seen as independent and that you do not depend on your parents, so as young people do, they celebrate it with a huge party (note that I still won't be doing this, I will be much happier with the takeaway dinner with my family!)

One thing I must remember on my birthday of course is to bring in cake for my colleagues. I have noticed over the few months that the staff in the office love some cake every now and again so I will have to make sure the cakes are perfect seeing as we haven't had any in a while!

I'm nearly halfway through my apprenticeship here at N&B Training and all I can say is WOW it has flown past! In all seriousness I can happily say I enjoy coming into work everyday, all of my colleagues make it fun and I actually enjoy the tasks that I complete on a daily basis. There may seem to be a couple of mundane tasks such as taking out the rubbish or walking to the post office in the rain, but hey, after nearly 21 years in England, I'm more than used to this weather! On the brighter side my qualification is coming along really well and I am handing in a good amount of work every visit I have with my Training Coordinator and colleague, Louise.


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January 5, 2015
The Christmas break and New Years’


The holidays have finished and everyone has been heading back to work, all the chatter around the office has been about Christmas and New Years and the plans and activities everyone participated in. I'm happy to say that I had a wonderful Christmas break with my family and enjoyed every minute of the New Years celebration with my best friends. I hope everyone else had just as much fun as I did, having a couple of drinks on New Years eve, playing ‘Just Dance’ on the Nintendo Wii at 2a.m. - some of the moves me and my friends pulled off will make the night unforgettable!

Unfortunately we didn't get any snow here in Surrey which meant no time to mess around in it with my pet dog and friends which is always a hysterical few hours. On the flip-side of this, it meant everyone was able to travel safely and ensure they spent their Christmas’ with those they love which is the most important part of it all.

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