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February 16, 2015
Marketing Mondays

As it was stated in my job description, I am to assist the Business Development team with paperwork for new learners taking on apprenticeships with us here at N&B Training. However with my progression in my job role moving forward at a faster pace than expected, I am now working with the Business Development team every Monday.

This is a huge responsibility for me because it includes me reading through and pre-screening applicants for the apprenticeship vacancies that we advertise. Personally I find this really interesting because you can pick up on the many different ways people sell themselves and show their skills, whereas some people may not sell themselves as much as they could. In some sense this is putting a “50% off” price tag on yourself! If I could give you any advice for applying for an apprenticeship, make sure you fill out everything and show your interest in the particular industry that you are applying for and expand on all of your interests/answers—there is nothing worse than an empty application form!

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