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N&B Training Company Ltd (N&B) operates as a Lead Provider where part of the provision is delivered via sub-contracted organisations. All providers undergo a comprehensive Due Diligence process prior to any delivery and are selected on the basis of their track record, type of provision delivered and location to ensure N&B is able to effectively respond to employer demand whilst reflecting local skills priorities.

The following policy applies to all provision that is sub-contracted to third party Providers. This policy replaces any previous versions, where applicable, and will be effective from 1st August 2016. This policy will be reviewed at least annually and will be published on the N&B website.

Management fees will be deducted at source, i.e. Providers will receive a MCV from N&B which reflects their available funds to spend. Any management fee will have been deducted prior to this allocation. N&B will make monthly payments to Providers based on the correct submission of data and supporting evidence to validate learning delivery. All funding claims must comply with the current Skills Funding Agency ‘Funding Rules’ and the terms of the agreement between N&B and the sub-contractors. Where funding claims cannot be substantiated, N&B will adjust or reclaim any funds from the sub-contractor and where required make an appropriate repayment to the Skills Funding Agency.

Apprenticeship Provision
A 15% management fee will be applied to sub-contracted Adult Skills Budget Apprenticeship provision. This includes 16-18 learners, 19-24 and 25+ learners.

Other Sub-contract Provision
Any other activity sub-contracted to third party Providers will usually be subject to the standard management fee of 15%. However, dependent on the nature of the programme, level of N&B support required by the sub-contractor and/or the level of funding available for the activity, this may be altered at the discretion of N&B. Specific fees charged for other activity will be subject to negotiation between N&B and the sub-contractor at the time of initial contracting.

Sub-contractor at Support and Capacity Building
N&B has a responsibility to support all sub-contract partners to develop and deliver high quality provision that meet the needs of learners and exceeds the expectation of employers. The management fee deducted from allocated funds is used directly to provide a comprehensive programme of support and compliance measures to ensure that public funds are protected and used effectively and partners are supported to develop their provision and extend their businesses. The exact mix of support will vary dependent on the needs of individual sub-contractors.

Payment Terms
N&B will make payment to sub-contractors on 23rd day of each month. Payment is subject to the correct evidence and data being provided to N&B by the agreed monthly deadline. Adjustments may be made to specific payments where evidence of eligibility, participation or achievement cannot be validated. Any amendments will be based on guidance provided by the current version of the SFA Funding Rules.

Policy Review & Publication
The policy will be reviewed annually in July of each year and any changes notified to sub-contractors as part of either a regular contract review or via separate correspondence. We reserve the right to change the policy in particular instances where the policy is deemed to be unsuitable and without prior warning.

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