June 18, 2015
The home stretch

As you may know by now, as an apprentice you have to complete a qualification related to the work you are doing. In my case I am completing a level 3 NVQ in Business Administration including Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT.

A few months back I wrote a post about my progress and how I am coming along nicely. Well now a little more of an update on this, I am nearly finished! Thanks to the awesome guidance from my Training Coordinator and my colleagues, I have been able to complete quite a large amount of work each month! Unfortunately for my TC, she will have to mark all of this!

Although I am glad my qualification is coming to an end, I would love to progress myself and gain more qualifications in order to further improve my knowledge of all aspects of business and maybe even find a department to specialise in - there is too much choice!


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April 30, 2015
A life outside work


So, I believe this post is in order as it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend (*cheers*), so I shall be celebrating in style! As you may have read in one of my previous posts I absolutely love to watch and play ice hockey so this weekend I will be doing both! On Friday evening I shall be having an American-style BBQ at a friend’s house, jumping up and down cheering my team on in the NHL playoffs (Washington Capitals!). For those that don't know hockey, the NHL is the 'big league' over the pond in America and Canada and the playoffs hold the biggest prize of the season, the Stanley Cup, “desired by many, won by few” is a good statement I believe!

As I also said I will be playing ice hockey - I will be playing in a match. Well, I say ‘playing’, it has been quite a while since I last played so I will most likely be causing more trouble to my own team than the others! However, it is all for fun until we start losing, then it gets serious because I hate losing! Jokes aside, it is a match in memory of a player from the opposing team who unfortunately passed away in the night after one of our matches so we have made a charitable event to have a charity game for the cup every year (unfortunately we couldn't get a cup as large as the Stanley Cup)!

I hope this gives a little insight into the life outside work as an apprentice! We do have lives and we do enjoy our spare time!



A snap of the team after the game



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March 17, 2015
The empty tray and motivation

For people working or looking to work in an office environment, the empty tray feeling is definitely the best! During National Apprenticeship Week I had a talk with a group of pupils on our pre-apprenticeship Steps-to-Success programme and one pupil asked the brilliant question, “as an apprentice, what is your motivation to come into work every-day from Monday-Friday 9-5:30?”, to which my instant reaction was “to empty my tray!” This of course was said in a joking manner because unlike some administrators, I don't often have an overloaded tray but when it is empty, it is a beautiful sight!

Leading on from this I answered the question with what I feel to be the reasoning behind following the apprenticeship programme as a route to employment and my motivation to turn up at work everyday - firstly, you gain the most valuable on-the-job experience that you will ever gain, due to it (in my case) being your first ever full time job in the industry that you are trying to find a career in. As an apprentice, it is not only your job to learn the new skills needed to complete the job but to show that you have the skills and the drive to complete the job to the best of your ability. This in turn will not only give you a better chance of having a full time permanent job at the end of the apprenticeship, but if the company can't take you on full time, you have a company that knows you work hard to get tasks completed and could get a really good reference for your next job from there!

Disclaimer to the management: it is not a common occurrence to have an empty tray!

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