Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

N&B Training Company Ltd (N&B Training) is committed to providing an excellent service. Part of our company vision and values is to provide outstanding customer service, listening to customer needs and continuously improve the customer experience. Gaining timely feedback from customers is an important part of helping us to identify what we do well and where we need to improve to reach the levels of service to which we aspire. We therefore encourage all feedback from customers whether this is about their satisfaction with our service, suggestions for where we can improve or, where they wish to complain about the service they have received.

N&B Training takes all complaints seriously and will deal with them promptly to fully investigate and resolve customers’ concerns and put things right when they go wrong. We will keep customers informed about progress of their complaint and the outcome and will use this experience to continually improve our service.

The procedure below outlines how all our customers can help us improve our service.


This policy will be communicated to learners and employers as part of their induction to a N&B Training programme. It will be on display at our office and available via our website.

All staff will be trained in how to handle complaints and to fully implement these procedures as part of their initial training. Partners who deliver a service on behalf of N&B Training will be expected to implement this policy which will form part of their Service Level Agreement with N&B Training.


We are always pleased to find out what customers think of our service, whether this is something we have done particularly well or suggestions for how/where we could do things better. Customers can pass on compliments or suggestions in a number of ways:

  • Speaking directly to a member of staff
  • Sending an email to
  • Completing a comment form available from any member of staff and return it to the office
  • Or posting to our head office for the attention of the Quality Manager
  • Completing an evaluation sheet or survey when requested

All feedback will be logged by the Quality Manager who will undertake regular analysis to identify any trends that will help continually improve our service and processes.

Where customers make suggestions for improvements to our service, the Quality Manager will liaise with relevant Directors, Senior Managers and operational staff to explore whether a change is appropriate, what impact the suggested changes will have and how viable they are, before making a decision about potential change. They will advise customers of the outcome of their suggestion.

N&B Training will not normally acknowledge receipt of compliments – if customers would like us to do so they should request this as part of their communication and provide contact details.


Unfortunately there may be occasions when a customer is not satisfied with our service and wishes. To make a formal complaint, N&B Training has a four-stage process that should be followed:

Stage 1: raise the complaint with the main contact person at N&B Training e.g. the Training Coordinator or their line manager. These are the best people to immediately investigate and sort out any worries or concerns quickly and informally.

Stage 2: If the response is not satisfactory the complaint should be raised with N&B Training’s Quality Manager.

Customers may put the complaint in writing either by completing a Complaint Form (available from any member of N&B Training staff, our office, or downloaded from the website; or via letter or email containing full details of the complaint including their programme and contact details.

The completed form or written complaint may be sent by email to or sent/handed in to the N&B Training office marked for the attention of the Quality Manager.

Customers who are unable to put a complaint in writing should call 01932 252599 and ask to book a meeting with the Quality Manager to discuss their complaint in detail. The Quality Manager will log the complaint and track the case to ensure it is dealt with promptly and effectively and ensure all of the relevant managers and staff are consulted as part of the investigation. N&B Training will send an acknowledgement letter within three working days of receiving the complaint.

The complaint will be investigated by the relevant members of N&B Training staff. The N&B Training Director is kept informed of complaints and will assist with resolving issues as and when required.

A written response, including suggestions to resolve the matter, will be sent within 14 calendar days of the acknowledgement letter.

Stage 3: If the complaint has not been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction they should write to the Managing Director at N&B Training’s office within 21 days outlining why they are dissatisfied with how the complaint has been addressed. The Managing Director will investigate the case, including how the original complaint was handled, and reply to the customer within 14 days with the outcome and suggested resolution.

Stage 4: If a customer has followed the above process but remains unhappy with the outcome and wishes to pursue the issue further, they may follow the external complaints process which is in place with the relevant funding body. This may mean complaining directly to the Education and Skills Funding Agency. In most cases, the complaint must be made within three months from the date of the complaint response letter. N&B Training will advise customers on who to complain to as part of their Stage 3 response.

N&B Training’s office address is 18 The Enterprise Centre, Coxbridge Business Park, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5EH


All staff and delivery partners are responsible for ensuring all feedback is handled in line with this policy. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Compliance Manager – responsible for maintaining a record of complaints and feedback, tracking complaints to ensure they are dealt with effectively, leading investigations into complaints, identifying trends in feedback and complaints to inform continuous improvement activity
  • Managing Director – responsible for investigating Stage 3 escalated complaints and overseeing the handling of complaints in line with this policy

Monitoring & Review

The Quality Manager will monitor the level of complaints and feedback on a six monthly basis analysing the range and type of complaints/feedback, response times, speed of complaint resolution, including identifying trends in teams, locations, subjects.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Operations Manger to ensure that it continues to meet business needs, including adopting recognised industry best practice. The Quality Manager will report to the Senior Management Team on the effectiveness of the policy and whether any changes are needed.

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